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Some "how to" information for installing some of our products.
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Installation of the United Pacific #28006 stainless steel cab visor.

28006 cab visor install 1

He looks perplexed!

28006 cab visor install 2

Start with reviewing the instructions.
Make sure that all the parts are there and that this is the correct visor.

28006 cab visor install  3

Carefully examine all pieces.
Match the brackets up with the instruction sheet. If parts are missing, notify us immediately.

28006 cab visor install 4

All visors are shipping in two pieces.
Notice the white, plastic film on the visor. Leave it there until completion.
Test a corner to make sure it will peel off okay.  We had a couple of visors that were manufactured with too strong of an adhesive, however they had blue backing instead of white.  We sent those back but it's good to always double check beforehand. If something seems wrong let us know immediately and we will take care of it for you.

28006 cab visor install 5

Remove and clean up the visor area.
Remove the old visor and note any special attachments. Clean the area where you will attach the visor.

28006 cab visor install 6

Remove old "HUCK" fasteners.
Use caution when drilling out the old fasteners. There are wires behind the skin that do not do well with drill bits.

28006 cab visor install 10

Clean up makes the job a little easier.
This is a good time to polish and wax the paint and repair any weather striping issues.

28006 cab visor install 7

Trial fit all parts.
When you are ready, trial fit each bracket. Clean up each "well nut" prior to installation. Small rubber flashing, inside the nut, makes installation difficult. DO NOT use RTV or sealant on the "well nuts"!

28006 cab visor install 8

Installing last half.
We found it easier to assemble the visor on the truck. The bolts can be difficult to start in to the "well nuts". Do the final tightening after the visor is completely installed. 

28006 cab visor install 9

The completed project
Not a bad, two hour job. It would have taken less time if Ken didn't drill through the wires!

Even an older truck can still look nearly as good as it did when it was new!

If you have installed, or are ready to install, one of our products send us photos that we can post on our site. Other folks would like to see what was easy, and what was hard, so they know what they're getting into.

Stand back and....
Admire the Shine!


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